The Friary - Philosophical Institute

Philosophical training given here harmoniously aims at leading the candidates to a complete and unified vision of the Truth and Knowledge revealed in Jesus Christ, in the church's experience of faith and in the world. It does help one to develop a philosophical attitude, the ability to critically evaluate the present and make it a hand maid of interpreting one’s life of faith. The training also takes into account the human, the spiritual, the intellectual, the religious, and the pastoral and missionary dimensions of seminary formation in the rich and varied context of India. The success of the training here depends of the integration of four elements, viz; fraternal life, prayer, work and study. The study of philosophy along with the cognate sciences demands hard work from the part of the candidates. The candidates are facilitated to integrate the value of serious study as part of the maturation process of religious life. Therefore, along with serious study, due emphasis is laid on the candidates’ Spiritual, Franciscan, Community living with necessary guidance.