Francesco Theological Institute

Our Capuchin Theologate has got a noteworthy heritage as well as a panoramic travelogue. It is undoubtedly intertwined with the Indian Capuchin Formation and Mission. This institute had its humble origin in the year 1932 at Quilon, Kerala and later in 1944, it was shifted to Amalashram, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, which was just a year old baby then. Thatched huts at Srirangam bespoke our simplicity, patrimony and eventually they remained a source of inspiration for many who came in contact with the friars of yesteryear.

The numerical strength of students paved the way for the establishment of a Theologate at Kotagiri, Ooty in 1949. Shortly after that, our theologate at Kotagiri tuned to be the major study house for the Indian Capuchins. Significantly, it included also the Philippine and Malaysian Capuchins. Later, the trends of Vernacularization, Regionalization and Contextualization prompted by Vatican II, seems to have tremendously vibrated the Capuchins in India. In particular, it demanded the Tamilnadu capuchins of Amala Annai province to have their own theological institute.

As the result of their strong yearning for a theologizing process of contextualization while upholding their unique Franciscan heritage, the Capuchin theological College was reborn in 1988 at Amalashram and got eventually engraved in the pages of Capuchin history in India. Years later, by its decree Prot. N. 132/93/12 dated Years later, by its decree Prot. N.132/93/12 dated 22.03.1994, the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education granted the affiliation of the Capuchin Theological College, Amalashram, Trichy to St. Peter's Pontifical Institute of Theology. This affiliation contract with St. Peter's Pontifical Institute Bangalore, is being renewed every five years from 1994 onwards.

His Providence brought in the non-capuchin students belonging to different orders and congregations right from its resurrection. That eventuated in wider space to the present site at Samayapuram which was solemnly inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Mauro Johri, the Minister General of Order of Capuchin Friars Minor, Rome on 11th June 2008. It is named as “Francesco” after the name of our Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi. Our Theologate doubtlessly advances in simplicity, character formation, efficiency and pastoral involvement.

In the process of vast development, our Province of Amala Annai was bifurcated into two new Provinces (North/South), promulgated by the Minister General of Order of the Capuchin Friars Minor on 25th April 2012. As the result of the Geographical demarcation, Francesco remains under the jurisdiction of the Amala Annai Province (North) while the professors belonging to the Southern Province also render their service to the Institute with their specified roles and offices, affirmed by both Provinces. The Lord has been gracious to us and ensures his paternal guidance through the glorious events of our province and the intercession of our Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi.



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